Is your Charity or Non-Profit organization looking for a fun, fast strategy for raising funds? Casinos Wild, Inc. is Michigan's premier organizer of casino themed fundraising events. Our team has a proven track record of delivering more funds in less time than traditional fundraising, while keeping your expenses to a minimum and ensuring that your guests come away from the event with a highly respectable and professional opinion of your organization.  


Casinos Wild has a professional technical consulting staff that encompass years of experience within the realms of the gaming industry.  Casinos Wild also offers a variety of services, intended to remove the burden of responsibility from the fundraising client, including: 



We take great pride in our growth in this area due to a high volume of outstanding recommendations and referrals. A few of our past and returning clients include:



Every Organization is unique and has different goals and needs. Contact us today to begin planning your next event!