Objective One

From February 3rd, 1997 until June 2016 Casinos Wild provided knowledge and skills to our students to become competent, professional and wildly successful employees in the fast growing casino gaming industry. We had to discontinue this program in June 2016.


Objective Two

To provide Las Vegas style entertainment for non-profit / charitable (501-C3) fundraisers and events that assist the organizations with their image of professionalism and help to raise more funds than traditional fundraising strategies such as bake sales and talent shows.


objective three

To provide Las Vegas style entertainment for Corporate Events and Private Parties that ensure that our clients and their guests have a fun, unforgettable time while receiving the Vegas VIP treatment that they deserve.



Casinos Wild Inc. was founded in 1997, when it saw a need for professional dealer training in the State of Michigan. Casinos Wild prides itself on providing Las Vegas style entertainment for charitable fundraisers, corporate parties and events, and giving our students the necessary training and basic skills that will enable them to pursue a career as a professional casino dealer with the ability to relocate anywhere in the world as a dealer in the gaming industry!


From February 3, 1997 through June 2016, the Michigan Department of Career Development (formerly known as the Michigan Department of Education) licensed Casinos Wild Inc. as Michigan's First Proprietary Vocational School for Casino Dealer Training. Day, evening and weekend classes were offered in a well-designed educational facility that is staffed with experienced professionals eager to help our students achieve their career goals.


As we approach our 20th year of operation, we celebrate a proven track record with letters of recognition from casino and industry leaders, including a distinguished service award from the City Counsel of Detroit. We have trained and successfully placed many of our graduates in casinos throughout the country.




Patty and Raymond Amigoni


Patty Amigoni founded Casinos Wild in 1995.. As a native of Metro Detroit, she was dedicated to providing professional employment skills to Michigan's automotive workers, displaced workers and economically disadvantaged residents.


She continues to be the driving force behind Casinos Wild's expansion and has amassed a large number of significant accomplishments and advancements for her clients, students, the gaming industry and the State of Michigan.


"I started Casinos Wild in order to make a difference by giving people a means of making a living," said Patty when asked about her inspiration. "If one makes a difference, then that's all that matters! I'm thrilled to know that we've made a difference in hundreds of people's lives."